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Recapping Our Vive at ViVE: When will “Virtual Care” Simply be “Care”?

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Earlier this month, Elation was excited to participate in ViVE, a new health information technology event that brought together health innovation leaders to share and exchange transformative ideas that could advance healthcare. Some of the themes and ideas brought forward at this year’s event included how to best tackle clinical burnout, improve data sharing, and the innovative solutions that could shape the future of EHRs.

Virtual care and telehealth were also themes that took center stage at the event. Elation CEO and Co-founder, Kyna Fong joined a panel on this topic with other industry innovators. The panelists discussed the increased adoption of virtual care since the pandemic and how virtual care can add value to the healthcare system. Kyna in particular highlighted the importance of ensuring that clinicians are reimbursed for the care they provide via telehealth the same way the are for in-person care: “It’s all about payment parity with telehealth visits,” Kyna explained during the panel. 

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Elation was happy to be a part of ViVE with some of the best minds in healthcare to bring our perspective that independent primary care should be at the forefront of addressing any solutions to healthcare’s transition to value-based care. Learn more about that commitment here.