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Reducing Administrative Burden

Announcing: The Empowering Sustainable Primary Care eBook


Primary care is at the heart of a sustainable healthcare system in this country and the right technology is needed to help support the success of independent primary care practices. At Elation, our clinical-first approach is designed with the primary care practice as its focus. To further guide the success of independent physicians, we have just published our latest eBook: Empowering Sustainable Primary Care.

Even before the pandemic, many independent physicians were overburdened with administrative work, close to burnout, and trying to navigate complicated quality care reimbursement guidelines without the appropriate technology to guide them. The Elation team believes that a better system is possible.

In the new eBook, we take a look at the aspects of healthcare that are broken, and the possibilities of a healthcare system where primary care providers can steer healthcare toward being sustainable once again. We know that the practice of medicine can advance, along with the transition of payment models in the value-based world, when independent providers have the resources that they need to hold true to what is most important in healthcare: the patient-physician relationship.

At Elation, we help independent physicians by designing technology that works for that critical relationship and for improved healthcare outcomes, rather than being billing-driven for the convenience of insurance companies.

Empowering Sustainable Primary Care examines the broken economy of primary care, in which the facts are clear:

  • Primary care accounts for over 55% of all office visits
  • Financial investment in primary care accounts for less than 5% of overall healthcare expenditures
  • For every $1 invested in primary care, more than $13 is saved in downstream healthcare costs.

Technology matters – technology that is purpose-built for independent physicians and that supports the patient-physician relationship. Learn more about how technology – the right technology for independent primary care practices – can empower sustainable primary care by downloading the new eBook. It’s free and priceless for every independent practice’s sustainable success.