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Succeeding in Value-Based Care

Elation's leaders share 2023 predictions and insights with the healthcare community

As we enter into a new year, the healthcare industry has been buzzing with predictions and insights into how the year might look for clinicians and innovators. Elation Co-Founder and CEO, Kyna Fong and Elation's Directory of Primary Care Advancement, Dr. Sara Pastoor, both recently shared their thoughts on 2023 with two health industry publications. 

In an article from Healthcare IT Today on 2023 healthcare business and value based care predictions, Kyna shared the importance of investing in innovative primary care-led ventures in 2023, due to the demonstrated health outcomes and cost savings. Kyna elaborated by saying: "It takes time for delivery systems, technology, and payment model intricacies to catch up to the kind of equitable, accessible, high-value primary care these innovators are designing."

In an article from Health IT Answers on the business and finance of healthcare in 2023, Kyna echoed the need to invest in primary care in 2023, adding that: "Now is the time to bolster support and give these innovators the latitude to experiment outside the status quo and reinvent primary care models that improve care for America’s most vulnerable citizens while also improving the health of our economy."

In the same article, Dr.  Sara Pastoor, shared her thoughts on how we might continue to see a shift away from financing healthcare within the traditional health insurance system in 2023. She explained that, "Physicians, employers, and patients alike are fed up and starting to turn away from third party insurance in search of a better way to pay for care that would improve the experience for everyone." The direct care model, cost-sharing models, and community-based, physician-owned health plans are all some examples of alternatives according to Dr. Pastoor.