Unified EHR & Billing Software Designed for Primary Care Practices

Is administrative work getting in the way of caring for your patients? Elation’s EHR for small practices was designed to alleviate administrative burden. It streamlines workflows, automates your admin tasks, and lets you focus on your passion of providing your patients with the best care possible.


Elation’s industry-leading EHR for small practices

Not all EHR systems are created equal. In fact, some disrupt the care independent practices provide instead of supporting it.
So what makes Elation’s platform the best EHR for small practices?

Independent physicians need to have some key features in their EHR system, including:

  • Intuitive patient charting
  • Automations for documentation, coding, and decision making
  • Integrations for ePrescribing and immunization reporting

Elation offers all of these features, and more, to provide a modern, all-in-one platform to help scale your primary care practice. Our clinical-first EHR and patient engagement tools save you time so you can focus on what you do best – delivering phenomenal patient care.


Modern, clinical-first design

We are radically committed to clinical-first EHR and billing workflows that enable small practice efficiency.


Exceptionally user-friendly

Exactly what you need for high-value primary care. Comprehensive, yet simple tools and seamless integrations are designed for user ease.


Quick, smooth onboarding

Receive the implementation, training, and support you need to swiftly migrate your clinical data and get up and running.

Ready for a deeper dive?

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Easily check eligibility within your EHR workflow*

  • Save time with automated eligibility
  • Seamlessly complete checks from the patient’s appointment
  • Confirm secondary insurance for fuller payments
Real time eligibility within Elation EHR

*Real-time eligibility available for unified EHR and Billing customers.

Simplify payment collection directly from the EHR

  • Convenient copy and balance collection options
  • Simple processing with card-on-file
  • Automatically link payment posting and copayments to encounters
Patient payment management dashboard in Elation EHR

Work faster with smart diagnosis code capture

  • Diagnosis codes are captured as you build treatment plans and assessments
  • One-click export of the problem list to the visit note
  • Visit note diagnosis codes auto-populate in charge entry
work fast

Simplify and expedite documentation and coding by appointment type

  • Data pre-populates in notes via customizable templates 
  • Clinical reminders surface important care gaps that need to be addressed
simplify expedite

Save time documenting with automated coding

  • Seamless auto-coding based on clinical documentation and orders
  • Visits remain patient-centric
  • Performance and quality measures are tracked downstream
save time

Increase efficiency with a simple, auto-generated superbill

  • Review charges to ensure accuracy based on visit note documentation
  • Easily update and reorder codes as needed
increase effiency

Efficient worklist delivers maximum visibility

  • Gain a comprehensive view of bills at different statuses
  • Easily filter, update, and finalize pending bills
  • Transmit to Elation Billing
worklist delivers

Interested in billing for your direct primary care practice?

Elation Health wins Best In KLAS 2023 for EMR-Centric Virtual Care Platforms
A 2022 KLAS report recognizes Elation’s EHR as a top overall performer for small practices

Elation’s Industry-Leading Platform

Elation Health wins Best In KLAS 2023 for EMR-Centric Virtual Care Platforms
A 2022 KLAS report recognizes Elation’s EHR as a top overall performer for small practices

The benefits of Elation EHR for small practices

There are so many advantages of Elation EHR for small practices. With Elation EHR, you can:

Engage with your patients before their visit

Make use of online appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, and check-in forms that auto-populate into your charts.

Provide both in-person and virtual care from one platform

Enjoy a seamless virtual care workflow that strengthens your relationship with patients in any care setting. You can even see your patients virtually while charting!

Intuitively connect all your important data

Elation EHR integrates with hospitals, registries, and labs so you can get patient information reliably. This includes collaborative health records and APR to connect with third-party apps.

Give patients top-quality care

Explore metrics that measure the quality of your clinical care, and enjoy secure communication with patients and partners.

Swiftly grow your practice

Don’t let desk work hold you back from spending time with your patients. Elation’s EHR platform offers insights on business reports, payments, task management, and more, and comes with 24/7 support.

Ready to learn more about how Elation
can work for your small, independent practice? 


See our clinical-first EHR that thinks like you do so you can focus on your patient, not documentation.


Speak with one of our Practice Specialists to learn more about how Elation can work for you.


Elation’s platform is built from the ground up to drive high-quality care and a modern patient experience.