New survey sheds light on EHR perspectives from patients and medical professionals

Electronic health records (EHRs) are helpful to medical professionals and their patients, although patients would appreciate a little more instruction as to how to access and review their own records. These revelations came about from a survey conducted by SelectHub, which polled more than 1,000 patients and 100 medical professionals about their use of EHRs.

Of those surveyed, 86 percent of medical professionals felt an EHR system made their job of caring for patients easier. Among the professionals participating in the survey, 80 percent said that having access to EHRs made it easier to identify potential issues or errors in their patients’ medical records, a significant step toward improving the quality of the healthcare they provide.

When asked about collaboration with other medical providers, 85% said that EHRs made it easier to share patient data with other healthcare providers. As to their work as a medical professional in general, 81% said that EHRs made an average workday easier.

Patients also recognized the importance of EHR technology to the quality of the healthcare they receive from their providers, with 76% of those surveyed saying that their doctor’s use of EHR has a positive effect on the care they receive. As to their own EHR, 64% of those patients surveyed said it very or moderately important to have that access.

However only 58% of the patients said that their providers adequately explained how to access their EHR. Chris Lewis, a creative partner of SelectHub, explained further that “those who received thorough instructions on EHR use and access reported accessing their records more than twice as frequently, suggesting a potential need for more information resources for patients.”

Patients and providers participating in the survey viewed EHRs in a positive sentiment for the most part, with 80% of patients and 87% of medical professionals having a positive or very positive sentiment.