Use Elation’s document tags to better keep track of patient care for quality programs

Earlier this year, we published a post on how to leverage document tags for CPC+. Here is an update on the benefits of Elation’s document tag feature for all users whether or not your practice is participating in CPC+.

What are document tags?

Document tags make logging the completion of eCQMs for programs like Meaningful Use and CPC+ more effortless in Elation’s Clinical First EHR . You can tag reports, visit notes, and non-visit notes to not only categorize these items for better organization but also use them to track completion of screening and measure requirements and to make them easier to find via chart search and Patient List search.

Document tags for quality programs like CPC+ are flagged gold making them easier to distinguish from those used for internal tracking purposes.

How can you use Elation’s document tags for quality programs?

Document tags can be added to a visit note by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the +Tag link. Once the appropriate flagged tag is identified and added, the patient will then show as meeting the measure or qualifying for a measure exclusion.

You can also add document tags and flag completion of measures through the Health Maintenance section, or by adding document tags to reports.

A list of all of Elation’s document tags can be viewed here.