Finding the right physicians for your on-site or near-site employer health clinic

The number of employer health clinics is increasing. On-site clinics, those located on the employer’s physical property, and near-site clinics, those operating in a facility close to the employer, provide services that benefit both employee and employer. Employers often use their health clinic benefit to entice and retain quality employees. Of course, employees enjoy the convenience and access of on-site or near-site healthcare.

The candidate for a physician position in an employer clinic should understand that it’s a somewhat different environment from the traditional independent physician practice. The clinic is generally open during the employer’s operating hours, which in some cases could extend into the second or third shift. The focus of an employer health clinic is on improving and maintaining the employee’s health, with the end goal of reducing absenteeism and presenteeism (showing up for work when ill).

Physicians who want to work in an on-site or near-site employer health clinic should be comfortable and enthusiastic about providing those services employees need most, including:

  • Flu shots
  • Immunizations
  • Well checks
  • Care for immediate, short-term illnesses
  • Coordination with the employee’s primary care or specialty providers

The right physician will also understand the population of workers as a whole. Employees may range in age from millennials to older workers, but they typically do not have Medicare or Medicaid insurance.

The National Association of Worksite Health Centers estimates that 40%+ of the patients seen in employer clinics do not have their own primary care physician, relying solely on the on-site or near-site clinic for care. The ideal physician candidate should be able to make a connection with local providers, to help coordinate care for those employees.

The right physician can make a difference in the quality of care provided by an on-site or near-site employer health clinic. Physician candidates should understand the environment and the needs of both employees and the employer to be successful.