How Many Clicks Does It Take to Document A Flu Shot? In Elation, Just Three

We recently read an article where Christine Sinsky, MD stated that it took her 32 clicks with her current EHR system to document giving a patient a flu shot. We don’t even want to know how many clicks she does each day during flu season.

Dr. Sinsky’s EHR is failing her. EHR systems should enable physicians to spend more face time with their patients; not their computers.

Elation knows the importance of providing physicians with the tools to deliver quality care to their patients, we call it our Clinical First Difference; and that’s why we can set ourselves apart from other EHR systems out there.

Three click documentation:

Three click documentation at the point of care:

Just as in this example of the flu shot, Elation has created number of features to eliminate repetitive tasks and documentation and to increase quality, face-to-face patient care:

  • Cockpit View in Elation EHR allows for more multitasking. Most other EHRs rely on a linear workflow which makes users have to go back-and-forth between pages; meaning more clicks and more time wasted. The Cockpit View gives you more flexibility by showing everything you need in a three-panel console. Document, e-prescribe and write referrals from the same screen, you will never be more than a click away from the information you need.
  • You can customize your charting style by ordering and reorganizing windows based on your preferences. Just like the familiar functionality of paper charts, but more efficient!
  • Automate data entry by importing your patient’s problem list and associated lab values into your visit notes with a single click!
  • Quickly find patient data with the Patient Longitudinal Record (PLR). Simply bring up labs, visit notes, prescriptions, and even messages you’ve sent with Elation Passport.

Learn more about our Clinical First Difference, or Explore a Sample Chart today!