Tuesday Tips: Passport from your Patient’s Perspective

Ever wondered what it’s like for your patients to log into Patient Passport?

Once you send an invitation, a patient receives a welcome email that looks like this:

Once your patient has registered and logged into Passport, they are greeted by the following home page:

Within Patient Passport, patients can:

  • Send Messages directly to their Provider or to a Practice’s Staff
  • View Clinical Information (the amount that you choose to share)
  • Check on their Next Upcoming Appointment
  • Review Visit Summaries from their Last Visit
  • Download their Individual Clinical Data

Learn more about Elation Passport or email our talented User Success team for more information at support@elationemr.com.Next, your patient will need to register.

Registration is an easy process and it ensures your patient’s data is kept secure, through a two-step authentication.


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