Weekly Rounds: Multi-employer clinics, uninsured Americans, improving patient satisfaction, and DPC practice efficiency

This week we revealed the multi-employer clinic model, examined why the rate of uninsured Americans continued to climb in 2017, detailed how to improve patient satisfaction, dove into the history of independent physicians, and discovered ways to make your DPC practice more efficient.

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  1. How independent primary care physicians can improve patient satisfaction in 2018 – Oftentimes it’s not just the size of healthcare bills but the logistics of paying those bills which leads to patient dissatisfaction. Learn how electronic health records are helping independent physicians improve patient satisfaction.
  2. New poll shows uninsured rate went up in 2017 – The number of uninsured Americans rose to 12.2% at the end of 2017. Lobbying, fewer options on insurance exchanges, and the repeal of the individual mandate portion of the ACA are just a few factors behind the uninsured trend. Read more about health insurance policy at Elation Health.
  3. History of independent physicians – By the mid-1800s, communities of traveling doctors came together to form the American Medical Association to create standards and formalized processes for practicing medicine. Discover how modern independent physicians still embrace the pioneer spirit through entrepreneurship.
  4. How to make your DPC practice more efficient – The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model relies on simplicity and technology to improve the lives of patients and independent physicians alike. Learn how to scale your business without impacting care quality at Elation Health.
  5. What is a multi-employer clinic? – Multi-employer clinics help employers offer their own employee healthcare clinics without the added costs. Learn about how multi-employer clinics reduce overhead while still offering on-site or near-site healthcare benefits for employees.