Weekly Rounds: Risk assessment, Employer health tools, ACA care utilization, DPC and costs, and On-site preventative care

At Elation Health, we’re committed to strengthening the physician-patient relationship and providing intuitive tools for clinical first care. Part of this commitment includes keeping physicians and staff informed about the latest healthcare news, technology trends, and policy updates that impact their practices and patients.

We’re maintaining a set of healthcare-focused blogs where you can subscribe to get more information and news straight to your inbox. And each week, our Weekly Rounds will give you the highlights of the top content we’ve posted; here’s what you may have missed this week:

1. What is risk assessment in primary care? – Doctors that use EHRs and review patients’ medical info before appointments can better assess areas of risk. The CDC released a report that stated risk assessments are integral for patients with chronic conditions which comprise virtually all of Medicare’s expenditures. Read on to find out more.

2. The next generation of on-site, near-site employer health tools –  On-site or near site employer health clinics aim to solve many of the common issues that plague employees such as absenteeism and low morale. In the near future many will also use health tools that will help with a myriad of issues. Read on to learn about what health tools will do.

3. ACA increased primary care utilization but risky behaviors also went up, study shows – The ACA was created to bring quality care to millions. By having millions of patients receive access to care, these patients are more likely to also seek preventative care options. Read on to learn how NBER’s research showed the way preventative care affected patients overall behavior.

4. How could direct primary care save on healthcare costs? – Direct Primary Care practices are radically changing the insurance fees and costs patients are subjected to. They are making it so patients can save money with healthcare. Read on to learn how DPC is doing this.

5. On-site preventative care is set to grow steadily – Future Market Insights finds that On-site preventative care will increase within the next decade. The increase in workplace illnesses has made having such facilities and programs an absolute necessity and thus have been hugely advantageous for companies. Read on to find out about the multitude of benefits.