Weekly Rounds: PCP salaries, Stark Law, value based care, CQM dashboard, and on-site health clinics

This week we have insights into PCP salaries, changes in the Stark Law, research on the rise of small practices, the benefits of the CQM dashboard, and the market drivers of on-site health clinics.

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1.Primary care physician salaries rise as shortage looms: The MGMA found that while salaries of PCP’s have increased, there is an overall shortage countrywide. By 2030 the AAMC estimates that there will be a shortage of between 14 to almost 50 thousand physicians in a time when Baby Boomers will need increasing care. Read on to find out how this issue is being rectified.

2. CMS looking to make changes to Stark Law requirements: CMS is considering making changes to the Stark Law. HHS is working to change the healthcare system into one “that pays for value”. Read on to find out what changes will be made.

3. Driven by value-based care, independent small and solo practices are on the rise: Independent practices are on the rise after a steady decline in previous years as concluded in a study by Black Book. Read more to find out about this rise and what steps independent physicians are taking to shift to value-based care.

4. 2018 updates to Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Dashboard: Tracking eCQMs are can help your practice complete MIPS and CPC+. Elation Health’s CQM dashboard helps physicians focus more on care and less on program regulations. Read on to learn how Elation’s CQM achieves this goal.

5. On-site preventive care market drivers : On-site health care clinics are increasing and are expected to keep increasing throughout the coming years. Their increase is due to a myriad of reasons: increase in illness, aging population ets. These clinics have lowered the rate of absenteeism and presenteeism as well. Read on to find out more about the impact they are having.