Patient Chart

Clinical Profile

  • A summary of important information about the patient for quick reference
  • Always visible in the patient chart
  • Fully control arrangement of problems list, history summary, allergies, drug intolerances, and meds list

Chronological Record

  • A comprehensive multimedia record of all documents and activity relating to patient, organized chronologically
  • Always visible in the patient chart
  • Trend data
  • Search any term
  • Quickly skip to any part of patient’s history

Visit Note

  • Intelligent documentation enables you to completely and accurately document your patient encounter
  • Auto-fill the Subjective section with the latest data, organized by the problems list from your Clinical Profile
  • Use free text, voice recognition software, or structured free text
  • Easily reference specific items throughout the chart directly in Visit Note
  • Create templates on-the-go for Physical Exams and Review of Systems
  • Automatically track the documents you looked at during the course of the visit

Ordering Tests & Prescribing

  • Fully-featured ePrescribing
  • Quickly write unlimited lab, imaging, cardiac, pulmonary, and sleep orders

Messages to Staff

  • Convenient coordination with office staff and other doctors in the practice
  • Messages can be accessed and archived in the patient chart, so they are always in context and never get lost


  • Send secure letters by fax or e-mail to patients and other providers, straight from within the EHR
  • Easily attach documents and data

Elation Provider Network & Provider Passport

  • Easily find and contact physicians you've shared patients with before
  • Elation automatically surfaces the list of providers with whom your patient has had actual clinical experiences
  • The contact information of providers you collaborate with is verified for you
  • Provider Passport is a free service for any provider that you collaborate with. It is a secure, online portal that allows outside providers to access documents that you share with them - faster and safer than sending by fax.

Practice Home

  • Manage faxes easily – all faxes are received via the Clinical EHR
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • View all patients’ incoming reports, messages, and refill requests
  • Generate reports of patient lists, practice performance, and MU criteria and clinical quality measures

Patient Portal

  • Set up patient accounts with one click, at any time
  • Control which patients you invite or disable
  • Control what patients see
  • Securely share messages, reports, referral orders, consent forms, and educational materials
  • Receive and file attachments from your patients with ease
  • Integrated seamlessly with the rest of Elation Health 
  • HIPAA compliant with 256-bit encryption
  • Includes a mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as a web-based solution that works across any device


  • Reach support from a button inside the application
  • Guaranteed response in 30 minutes or less for urgent issues, 24/7
  • Get your data out at any time

Getting Started

  • Minimal training: you’ll be seeing patients with Elation within an hour
  • Automatically create almost all of your patients’ charts plus automatic, secure transfer of patients’ medication history, labs, and demographics (downloaded from labs and hospitals) straight into their charts

Platform & Security

  • Cloud-based platform for Firefox and Chrome
  • Automatic, regular updates — never lift a finger to upgrade
  • Integrated laboratories and practice management system (View our list of partners)
  • Secure access on any Mac or PC with an internet connection
  • Full automatic encrypted backups every night to multiple securely hosted facilities nationwide
  • 256-bit encryption (double the level required by law)
  • Full HIPAA compliance
  • Password protection

Product Updates

  • You directly influence the product with your suggestions and feedback, submitted from a button inside the application
  • Consistent upgrades, done on a regular schedule twice a month during hours of 11pm-1am, Pacific Time. Read-only patient charts available during those 2 hours.
  • Physician advisors and large group of early-adopting physicians regularly consulted on product development