Before the Patient Visit

Before you step into the exam room, Elation’s intuitive design quickly prepares you for a thorough and efficient patient visit.

Stay organized

Our intuitive chart layout helps you stay organized and find information quickly. Keep the notes from the previous visit in full view during your present visit. Quickly scroll through the straightforward Chronological Record, or skip to any part. Search almost anything in the chart.


Remember each patient better

Customize and arrange patient information in the Clinical Profile the way you want it.


Process new information faster

The Chronological Record lets you quickly see what has happened since the last visit. Items requiring action are filtered to the top of the chart, incoming reports are clearly organized, and Elation automatically downloads a patient’s pharmacy data to keep your meds list up to date before your visit.


Let Elation anticipate your thinking

At the click of a button, Elation will automatically gather relevant lab values, organize them by problem, and put them in your Visit Note. And with its structured free text, the Visit Note lets you take notes and think the way you need to.


Hear from our providers

Elation has been a revolutionary tool in the way I practice medicine... increasing the flexibility and efficiency in the way I practice.

Kathryn Hallsten, MD

Internal Medicine

Menlo Park, CA

I timed myself throughout an entire noting experience. In my old EHR it took me 5 minutes and 40 seconds. On paper it took me 3 minutes and 47 seconds. On Elation it took me 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Roger Kimura, MD

Internal Medicine

Honolulu, HI

Good record keeping is paramount to good patient care and communication is integral to coordination and maintenance of that care. Elation does a very good job facilitating that goal.

Ken Rictor, MD

Family Medicine

Scotland, PA

I have reviewed approximately 25 different systems and this is the one that really supports clinical workflow. I recommend it to all my frustrated colleagues.

Lisa Muncy-Pietrzak, MD

Internal Medicine

Vail, CO

For us, as a small clinic, Elation is a powerhouse. The directory features, the electronic fax, appointment management... Does it get any better? If it does, I haven’t seen it.

Becky Payne

Office Manager

Seattle, WA

The product is simply the best, most well-implemented, and easiest to use EHR on the market… Switching to Elation has been a true joy.

Gregg Alexander, DO


London, OH