Collecting complete and accurate insurance information just got easier

Improved patient insurance data collection

Having the most up-to-date and accurate insurance data for your patients allows you to streamline your billing processes. It also allows you to evaluate care options for your patients, ultimately improving healthcare quality. Furthermore, we believe that data should be easy to access within the Elation EHR.

Insurance Card Image Upload 

Elation is excited to announce that starting February 2022 practices can upload insurance card images directly into Patient Demographics within the EHR. When you upload insurance card images, you will have immediate access to the information you need to recommend the best care plan for your patients and ensure you can complete your billing on time, with fewer errors.

The Insurance Card Image Upload feature allows you to add up to two insurance card images (i.e., front and back) to both the Primary and Secondary insurance sections of Patient Demographics. You can also edit images during the upload process, or afterwards. The supported image file types are .JPEG (.JPG/.JPE), .PNG and .PDF. The uploaded images will display directly in the Insurance, Payment & Membership section, allowing you to see the patient’s insurance data and manually update discrete insurance data fields all at once.

Graphic Ins Card Upload

The Insurance Card Image Upload feature allows your practice to:

  • Immediately access to information you need to make care decisions
  • Easily view and manually update discrete insurance data fields in one spot, reducing downstream billing errors
  • Capture complete and accurate insurance data directly in the Elation EHR