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Customer Spotlight | Atembis



Customer Spotlight: Atembis

Integrated insurance-based family medicine and behavioral health independent practice in Chandler, AZ..


Atembis, a family practice focused on providing high-value care is run by Dr. Carroll, with two other clinicians. They elect to see an average of 17 to 18 patients a day, nearly half of most other family doctors, to maximize time with patients and allow for more personalized care. Because they run a highly-efficient practice, they’re able to realize practice revenue in line with offices that see nearly twice the number of patients. The success of Dr. Carroll’s practice is driven by a powerful suite of technological tools including Elation as a centerpiece of the patient encounter and a centralized platform for both patient care and now, practice management.

As an Elation user, Dr. Carroll was excited to learn about the Elation Billing solution. After transitioning to ElationBilling from PracticeSuite, Dr. Carroll’s practice experienced a 30% reduction in A/R days.

Unlike PracticeSuite’s antiquated and fragmented use experience, Elation’s modern design and ease of use means that Dr. Carroll’s staff is able to leverage Elation’s ecosystem of tools to effectively reduce burden on clinicians so that they can maximize the time spent with each patient and easily collect what they’re owed.








Maximize time with patients

“Elation truly does create greater efficiency and comprehensiveness as necessary during the patient encounters so we can maximize the amount of time with each patient.”


Solutions to fit your needs

“Elation is by far the best medical software I've ever worked with. For primary care, family medicine, even pediatrics, and internal medicine – Elation provides the tools that we need and none that we don't.”


More than an EHR

“When Elation introduced the possibility of the [billing] software, it was like a no-brainer for us - it's been a much better experience overall.”


— Dr. Carroll, Physician Owner









"Patients are paying much quicker, and it’s easier for me to look into my current cash flow.”

Andrew Carroll, MD FAAP
Atembis | Chandler, AZ


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Elation Health is the most trusted technology platform for primary care. Since 2010, the company has delivered clinical-first solutions — built on an award-winning collaborative EHR platform — that help deliver the highest-quality personalized care to patients. Elation Health supports primary care providers in upholding the craft of medicine while thriving in an evolving healthcare landscape. Today, Elation Health serves 32,000 clinicians caring for 15 million Americans.