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Introducing Elation’s Quarterly Product Update!

Your focus on primary care is a powerful influencer of positive health outcomes, which makes it crucial for Elation’s technology to support - not disrupt - your work. It’s incredibly important that you, our customers, know your feedback is heard, and that we continuously update our solution in response. Making sure you have many ways to stay up-to-date on the latest enhancements is another piece of feedback we’ve heard recently. 

Based on your input, we’ve added this new Quarterly Product Update, which shares recent highlights of planned feature enhancements and new solutions, with links to additional information. 

Between these updates you can learn about all of the latest features by following our Product News blog on the website and viewing Product Updates within the Help Center. If you missed the Q1 New Feature Highlights webinar - view it now to see these enhancements in action!

Improve practice operations and reduce administrative burden

Seamlessly annotate and eSign clinical reports & documents 

This time-saving new feature will allow you to electronically sign and/or annotate any patient report or clinical document directly in the Reports section of the chart, without needing to print, manually sign, and rescan the document. You can add comments, diagnoses, and/or append your signature electronically to any document, and then fax or attach the updated document to a letter right within the workflow. The new functionality saves time and money, and supports more streamlined care coordination workflows. Available to all customers this summer.

Digitize and streamline the patient intake experience

Coming soon - two new Patient Forms features that improve the patient intake experience and reduce manual work for both staff and patients: (1) patients will be able to electronically sign consents, and (2) patients will be able to share their insurance card images. In both cases, the workflow includes the ability for patients to digitally send the signed consent or insurance card images back to their physician or practice.

Enhanced scheduling tools for enterprises with multiple locations

Later this year, new scheduling tools will be available for groups with providers caring for patients at multiple locations. You will be able to set a provider’s availability by location and appointment type, which supports scheduling operations and day-to-day clinical operations. Once a provider’s availability is defined, staff can view and schedule appointments based on the provider’s specific location and appointment type availability directly from Practice Home. Likewise, for practices that allow patient self-scheduling, the Booking Site will also reflect the provider’s availability by location and appointment type, allowing patients to schedule appointments accordingly. These enhancements support improved patient access and more streamlined and efficient clinical operations.

More easily provide great care, from anywhere

Continue caring, from anywhere, with eRx + Calendar functionality in the Elation Go mobile app

The Elation Go iOS mobile app for providers now includes ePrescribing and Provider Calendar functionality! You can monitor your scheduled patients and ePrescribe new, non-controlled medications anytime, anywhere. For practices looking to deliver an exceptionally convenient patient experience, download Elation Go today.

Document more efficiently with additional Clinical Questionnaires

Discover new structured Clinical Questionnaires for more efficient documentation of clinical, behavioral, and mental health screenings which include options for ADL, PCL-5, and PMQ-9. The new Clinical Questionnaires are coming this summer. 

Improved ePrescribing workflows and integration coming soon!

In late Q3, we will begin rolling out several new and exciting prescribing enhancements! You can look forward to a streamlined ePrescribing experience with our new, unified Prescription Form that allows you to queue and order multiple prescriptions - including both non-controlled and controlled medications - in a single session. Additional features include the ability to send prescriptions to multiple pharmacies, specify Days Supply of the prescription, and select specific medication packaging. Along with these changes, we will surface real-time prescription benefits and on-demand formulary data within the Prescription Form workflow, providing actionable data to support prescription decision making.

Spend less time and energy to get paid

Simplify and modernize your workflows with Elation Billing

If you are seeking an all-in-one solution, our unified platform provides the unparalleled ease of Elation’s clinical-first EHR with a combined billing workflow. Enjoy single sign-on for clinical + billing workflows, fast and easy payer enrollment, and a streamlined transition. Customers who add Elation Billing receive payment within 10 days of go-live, on average. Available in July for eligible small practice customers*, and generally available later this year. Contact your Customer Service Representative, or fill out this form and someone will contact you with more information!

Easily + efficiently manage your bills with Billing Home

Reviewing, editing, and releasing bills is easier and more efficient with the redesigned Billing Home, which replaces the legacy Billing Report. Billing Home saves time, and improves insight into your practice’s finances. The enhanced work list provides increased visibility for all bills, regardless of status, as well as the ability to search for bills. The new grid layout adds predictability in finding key details, and since each row is one bill you can easily scroll through the dashboard to find the specific information you need. 

Increase charge capture efficiency with the enhanced Billing Form

Quickly drag and drop diagnosis codes into different claim lines, duplicate claim lines, and see visual reminders when diagnosis codes are missing from claim lines. The enhanced Billing Form was designed for efficiency and accuracy so more claims get paid fully, the first time.

As always, thank you for your continued feedback. Your contributions make Elation’s platform better for your practice and the entire Elation community of 24,000 clinicians serving over 10 million patients. New feature development projects are prioritized in part based on the volume of feedback requests, so be sure to submit your suggestions. To share your input with us directly, select the “I need help” button on the main Elation toolbar menu, and select the Send feedback or a suggestion to the Elation team option.

Thank you,