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ePrescribe new medications in the Elation Go mobile app


ePrescribing functionality delivers a more robust mobile experience for busy physicians

Practitioners can ePrescribe new, non-controlled medications in Elation Go, making patient care easier and more convenient, and providing a more robust mobile app experience for busy practitioners. Download the latest version from the App Store© to start using this feature today!

The Elation Go Options [+] menu has been enhanced to include a new ePrescribe option, giving practitioners a more robust mobile experience with functionality to: 

  • ePrescribe new, non-controlled medications

  • View allergies, drug intolerances, and drug interaction alerts

  • Select the patient’s preferred pharmacy, if applicable, or select a new or alternate pharmacy

  • Document instructions to the pharmacy, if needed 

ePrescribe new medications in the Elation Go iOS mobile app

Enhanced mobile app functionality enables practitioners to:

  • Stay connected with their patients when they are away from their office or on-the-move

  • Help maintain the balance between work and personal life responsibilities

  • Leverage the flexibility and convenience of mobile technology to improve patient care and satisfaction

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Or, refer to the Elation Go: Mobile App Guide for additional details on all Elation Go functionality.

The Elation Go mobile app is currently for iOS users only, and can be found in the App Store© on your mobile device by searching Elation Go or by clicking HERE.