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Office Messaging API supports team-based care delivery

Elation’s Office Messaging API June 6, 2022

Strengthen team-based care delivery models with the Office Messaging API

Elation's release of the Office Messaging API provides access to three Office Message objects: 

The objects represent all components of Office Messages within Elation. With the Office Messaging API you can find, get, create, delete, and sign-off on office message threads and individual messages, as well as add and remove users or groups taking part in the message thread. Check out our comprehensive Office Messaging API documentation for details about the Office Messaging API capabilities.

The API objects support team-based care delivery models, including those where Elation’s clinical-first EHR is the core clinical platform and third-party or custom applications are leveraged for administrative and operational task workflows. The Office Messaging API allows you to pull Elation Office Messages into other applications, automate actions on the messages, including sign-off, and sync updates to the messages bi-directionally. 

If customers decide to incorporate the Office Message objects in workflows, we strongly recommend fully testing updates in the Sandbox environment before proceeding with any changes to Production. Please Contact Support with questions.

Refer to the Office Messages Feature Guide for more information about the Office Messages functionality within the Elation EHR.