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Optimize your digital patient intake workflows!

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Patient Forms enhancements deliver a more streamlined patient intake process

Two Patient Forms features are now available to your practice via Settings > Patient Forms. When configuring patient intake forms, you can now add questions that allow patients to take the following actions:

  • Sign forms electronically, such as consent forms
  • Attach and upload insurance card images

These new features help optimize your patient intake and visit check-in processes without adding to your staff’s workload, and also prevent treatment and payment delays. The new workflows ensure that patient signatures are collected in a timely manner and that the most up-to-date insurance information is accessible in Patient Demographics before a visit takes place.

Workflow for e-signing forms

Workflow for e-signing forms

Workflow for uploading insurance card images

Workflow for uploading insurance card image(s)

Our digital patient intake workflows help your practice:

  • Reduce administrative burden by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Easily capture complete and accurate patient information to help reduce treatment delays and downstream issues.
  • Leverage patient engagement technology to streamline visit check-in processes and improve practice operations and efficiency.

Elation is excited about the benefits of enhancing our digital patient intake experience. Please refer to our Patient Forms guide for additional information.