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Save time capturing charges with a redesigned and enhanced billing form!

enhanced billing form

Redesigned to make charge capture easier, more efficient, and more accurate. 

We’re excited to announce the redesign of the billing form with a new look and feel, and added functionality. The new billing form has been designed to make charge capture easier, more efficient, and more accurate. Check out some of the new features listed below. 

Separate Location and Place of Service (POS) fields

Now, with two separate fields, users can quickly update the Service Location and POS directly from the form, without needing to navigate to the practice settings page:

bill dialogue

New Duplicate button/icon 

The new Duplicate button/icon saves time, allowing you to quickly duplicate and edit claim lines.

New flag for missing diagnosis code

The new flag alerts users when the diagnosis code is missing for a charge line, and helps practices reduce denials and get paid faster by sending accurate claims in your initial submission:

Hover to view Procedure description 

Hover over procedure codes for an expanded view of the description and more accurate and efficient coding:

Additional enhancements

  • Drag-and-drop diagnosis codes to different claim lines.

  • Added functionality to modify and/or change a diagnosis in the claim line.

  • The Subtotal field now accepts negative dollar amounts, calculated from the Charge and Quantity fields, giving direct care practices added billing flexibility.

  • Tab key navigation promotes quick and efficient navigation through the billing form.

For more information, refer to the Billing Guide in our Help Center.