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Check out Elation’s Direct Care Interview series

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As many direct care physicians know, there is never a bad time to learn more about and improve the way patients receive care. That’s why we strive to constantly give physicians resources, tips, and advice for how to provide innovative care.

At the same time, it’s important to spend time understanding how direct care physicians can grow their businesses – whether you are new to direct care or looking to scale your practice.

Recently, we started doing an interview series with some of the most successful direct care physicians that use Elation as their EHR. These physicians include Dr. Garrison Bliss (Bliss MD), Dr. Vivek Sinha (Belleview Medical Partners), and Dr. Jeremy Smith (MyMD Select).

By listening to these interviews, you can hear more about these physicians’ direct care journey, insights for other direct care practices, and how choosing an EHR system developed with the physician in mind has benefitted them.

In case you missed it, we also recently launched Elation for Direct Care, a new version of Elation that is focused on direct care physicians and their practices.

We’re committed to helping the direct care movement succeed and deliver on its promise to provide high-quality, personal care. With these resources and an EHR platform that allows physicians to focus on their patients, direct care practices can do what they do best – delight patients.

You can check out the videos here and learn more about Elation for Direct Care.