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Clinical First EHR features: Collaborative Health Record

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides data for adults who visit a physician’s office each year in the United States. For last year, the CDC data shows the:

  • Percent of adults who had contact with a healthcare professional in the past year: 83.6%
  • Of those visiting a physician office, the percent of visits made to primary care physicians: 53.2%

A significant percentage of patients typically visit specialty providers in addition to their primary care provider. As part of their care, they may also have lab tests, medical procedures, and possibly healthcare facility stays. The independent primary care provider must be able to communicate seamlessly and securely with all providers treating the patient. The provider must also have timely access to lab results and prescriptions for that patient to care for the patient properly.

This crucial coordinated care is made possible through Elation’s Collaborative Health Record (CHR), an innovative feature of the Clinical First EHR. CHR enables all physicians caring for a patient to see all records pertaining to that patient, with on-demand access. The independent primary care provider no longer has to waste precious time calling for records and waiting for faxes. CHR automatically shares updates from the Clinical First EHR.

Time and accuracy are imperative when caring for patients, especially those patients with chronic or complex conditions who must see specialty providers, so that all providers involved can provide the highest quality of care to those patients. Mistakes in medication or errors based on a lag in receiving test results can have severe consequences. The CHR enables all providers to get immediately notified so they can take action based on the most up-to-date clinical information.

In addition, the CHR enables the independent primary care provider to get visibility into the patient’s complete care record for more accurate reporting on clinical quality measures and compliance for value-based reimbursement.