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Expanded integration with state PMPs boosts patient safety

Drive compliance with a cost-effective solution

At Elation Health, we are dedicated to supporting our customers' opioid stewardship needs and are excited to announce our new partnership with Bamboo Health, a third-party healthcare technology company providing integrations with state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PMPs). State-specific PMPs support medication decision-making by providing view-only access to patients’ controlled substance medication fill histories. 

This new partnership along with our existing LogiCoy, Inc. partnership enables Elation to offer seamless PMP integration with 47 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico. Elation’s one-click, single sign-on integration is included with all Standard EHR subscription, at no additional cost from Elation Health1.

Increase efficiency while fostering compliance

Making informed prescribing decisions and safely managing patient drug use is easy, with in-workflow access to patient controlled substance fill histories. While ePrescribing in Elation, prescribers simply click the Check PMP button in the Prescription Form, or other prescribing and medication management workflows, to securely launch directly into the patient’s prescription history within your state PMP. When the PMP check is successful, a corresponding update will automatically be added to the patient’s record in Elation, and can subsequently be exported to an office message or visit note.

Our seamless integration not only enhances efficiency but also promotes regulatory compliance by making it easier for prescribers to adhere to mandated prescription monitoring protocols without requiring additional logins.

Prescription Form with one-click PMP integration

When available, NarxCare reporting2 is also surfaced within the Elation chart to enhance patient safety, support informed decision-making, and improve overall care management.

Keep the focus on patient care

Like our clinical-first EHR, Elation’s PMP integration is thoughtfully built to fit naturally into existing clinical workflows. Use of the integration also helps reduce burden and pajama time, restoring up to an estimated four (4) minutes for every PMP query performed! With one-click PMP access, prescribers can reduce their cognitive workload and keep their focus on the visit interaction and delivering exceptional patient care.

We are excited about the benefits this integration offers our customers. Refer to our Help Center guide for additional information.


1 Access to state-specific PMPs may incur fees from Bamboo Health and LogiCoy, Inc., depending on the availability of state funding. Refer to our Help Center guide for more information on state-level funding or contact your state’s integrator directly.

2 The following is made available by Elation Health for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement by Elation: NarxCare is a commercial opioid overdose risk scoring platform proprietary to Bamboo Health. NarxCare has not been clinically validated for use on patients. For more information, click here. State funding may also cover the cost of NarxCare reporting. Refer to our Help Center guide for more information on state-level funding or contact your state’s integrator directly.