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Customize your Appointment Reminders for Virtual Visits

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Elation’s customizable virtual visit appointment reminders were designed to improve virtual appointment coordination between practice staff and patients.

Now, virtual visit instructions will be sent automatically with appointment reminders, improving the experience for your patients and saving your practice staff time.

How does it work?

Instructions and/or video links entered into the new ‘Virtual Visit Instructions’ field within an appointment will be automatically sent to a patient through Elation’s automated appointment reminders, based on their preferred contact method. Your practice may also choose to manually send this information to your patients at any time, if additional reminders are needed.

This means that patients will receive all the relevant information about their upcoming visit within their appointment reminder, including instructions on how to join their virtual visit and, for confirmed appointments, a link to fill out medical history forms to streamline the intake process.

This is what it will look like to your patients:

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