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Dr. Garrison Bliss

dr Garrison Bliss cover

“I can say my EMR works for me, I don’t work for it. What a concept!”

Dr. Garrison Bliss

Internal Medicine
Bliss MD
Seattle, WA



Average DPC patient panel after the first 6 months on Elation.



The amount of patients a single DPC provider on Elation manages on average.

1 to 55


DPC practice models on Elation range from 1 to 55 physicians.

Doctor Bliss, a direct primary care physician, started using ElationEMR a year ago and hasn’t looked back since. When asked about the success of this newfound relationship, he explains that it can all be attributed to “one key factor — ease of use”.

This one factor, it seems, is rather a whole host of features that make his new EMR an intuitive and powerful tool for his practice.

I had a list of requirements I desired to be able to do in my EMR, and I’m amazed at how Elation has allowed me to accomplish so much of what I need.”

As a DPC provider, and founder of the pre-eminent BlissMD practice in Seattle, WA, Dr. Bliss is deeply passionate about patient engagement. He has a patient panel of just over 400 patients, and is focused on building intimate and meaningful relationships with each of them.

Make sure that there’s nothing in the way of building that relationship — whether it be delayed lab results, loss of professional notes, or a clunky system.”

Several of Elation’s Clinical First features are designed to support the doctor-patient relationship, as Dr. Bliss envisions it.

Some of his favorites:

One of my biggest concerns about switching to a new EMR was moving my patient documents. The way the Elation team bent over backwards to import everything from past medical history to problems was unbelievable — I’ve never seen an EMR do this.

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