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EHR tips for solo primary care physicians

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Independent physicians must run an efficient practice, to be financially solvent and to provide quality healthcare to their patients. The right electronic health record (EHR) system can help do just that, but some providers may find that their EHR system is challenging or actually requires more of their time than they are able to give it. The right technology solutions offer an EHR for solo primary care physician practices that benefit both provider and patient.

Salvatore S. Volpe, MD, a New York-based solo primary care physician, spoke with Health Leaders in 2016, to offer tips for using an EHR for solo primary care physician practices in an efficient, effective manner. At the time, Volpe had been using an EHR for his practice for eight years. He also belongs to the board of directors of the New York eHealth Collaborative and serves as chair of the health information technology committee for his state medical society.

Volpe’s tips on optimizing an EHR for solo primary care physician practices include:

Take a team approach. Independent physicians with a small staff should involve that staff in the EHR process. Training each team member on the features of the EHR system can help the provider significantly when it comes time to input or retrieve patient information. Medical assistants and other clinical staff can take the time to pull up relevant screens and even add certain patient notes, so the provider has more time to spend with that patient during the visit.

Invest in prep time. Volpe advises that reviewing patient data, including test results, prior to the patient visit can better prepare the provider for the visit as well as reduce the time needed to review that information while the patient is in the room.

Ask for help. Independent physicians can ask for help within their practices, from their team members, as well as from the EHR provider. At Elation Health, we understand there will be questions about the EHR system. With our extraordinary 24/7 support, providers and their staff get the help they need from our team of dedicated user success specialists within 30 minutes or less – 365 days a year.

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