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Elation & friends attend 2016 DPC Summit

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Elation & friends attend 2016 DPC Summit

Elation & friends attend 2016 DPC Summit July 28, 2016

Elation had the opportunity to join hundreds of DPC practitioners at the annual Direct Primary Care Summit in Kansas City earlier this month. After three years under our belts as attendees, exhibitors and DPC enthusiasts, we were excited to have the opportunity to open the summit this year by sharing how Elation’s platform has supported the unique needs of over 100 DPC practices. Among those practices is the practice of DPC forefather, Dr. Garrison Bliss, who joined us for the opening keynote presentation.

Since our first time at the conference, during the inaugural DPC summit, Elation has become a natural fit for many DPC practices across the country. We discussed our journey within the DPC world by talking about the common ground that exists between Elation’s focus on strengthening the patient-physician relationship and the DPC movement’s focus on care quality.

We were delighted to get the chance to demonstrate our clinical first focus at the summit by showcasing Elation for DPC practitioners at the event. Some of the features these attendees got to see include:

  • Clinical first interface which allows practitioners to focus on patients and care quality over reimbursements 

  • Practice management tools that help to minimize practice overheard
  • Patient engagement feature set that lets physicians engage with their patients beyond the encounter

This year, we were also happy to see two of our partners, Hint Health and Twine Health at the event as well. Hint, Twine, and Elation are fully integrated and work together to provide a complete practice management solution specifically for Direct Primary Care practices.

It was great to meet existing Elation users, other DPC practitioners, and even those that are thinking about starting a DPC practice. We’re already looking forward to next year’s summit and beyond. Together with the Direct Primary Care community, we envision a model of care that not only empowers physicians but empower patients to seek and receive more personal care.

To learn more about why DPC physicians love Elation click here or simply request a demo and get in touch with our practice specialists.