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Elation gets personal at the Direct Primary Care Summit

Elation gets personal at the Direct Primary Care Summit Elation gets personal at the Direct Primary Care Summit August 4, 2015

Elation recently attended the 2015 Direct Primary Care (DPC) Summit, held July 10 – 12 in Kansas City, MO. We made the trip to meet with some current Elation users and speak with other DPC physicians about how EMRs are supporting their practice’s uncommon needs.

These unique demands greatly vary from an insurance-based practice as standard billing cycles are gone, front office staff is decreased, and physician-patient interaction is greatly heightened. These added strains require the physician to have an EMR that will complement their workflow. To be an asset to their practice, not an obstacle.

Since our attendance at the same event last year, we’ve supported over 25 DPC practices with the transition to Elation, several of which have grown into multi-provider groups. We are thrilled with the feedback some of these users gave Christian, our Director of Practice Development, while meeting with him in Kansas City.

“The goal of Direct Primary Care is to spend more time with the patient rather than documenting that visit. At the same time, good record keeping is paramount to good patient care and communication is integral to coordination and maintenance of that care. ElationEMR does a very good job of facilitating that goal.” – Ken Rictor, MD, Scotland Family Medicine, DPC Summit ‘15 Keynote Speaker


“With Elation I was able to reducing my noting time by 75%. From four hours per day to one hour, max.” – Jean Tevald, DO, MorningStar Family Health Center

During our time at the summit, we teamed up with our DPC-focused practice management system partners, Hint Health. Our open interface with Hint is having tremendous success with DPC practices looking to seamlessly integrate their billing and clinical platforms.

We are thrilled to see how much we have grown in the last year but we know that we will never stop improving our EMR. Our goal at Elation is to improve the life of clinicians around America. As long as DPC has a place in our country’s healthcare, we’ll be there to support it.

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