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Refill your patients’ chronic medications in 3 clicks

Dear Elation Community,

Imagine refilling 10 medications for your complex patient, in as few as 3 clicks total.

We’ve heard from you, especially those who see complex patients, that often the most time-consuming part of the visit is reconciling and refilling medications. To address that feedback, we’re excited to announce a brand new way to refill multiple medications in 3 easy steps:

  • Click “Bulk Refill” under your Permanent Meds List in the Clinical Profile
  • Select the medications to refill (all refill-ready* medications will be selected by default)
  • Confirm the prescription details and ePrescribe

*Refill-ready medications are non-controlled substances that have the required fields (medication name, sig, and quantity) already specified. Medications that you have prescribed before will be refill-ready; documented meds or meds from Medication History Download may not have enough detail to be refill-ready.

Read more about how and when to use this new feature.

We hope this saves you and your staff time with your most complicated patients.


The Elation Team