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Elation on the Road: A trip to the 2014 Direct Primary Care Summit in DC

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Elation on the Road: A trip to the 2014 Direct Primary Care Summit in DC

Elation on the Road: A trip to the 2014 Direct Primary Care Summit in DC July 16, 2014

A few weeks ago, Elation co-founder Kyna Fong and director Christian Piuma attended the 2014 Direct Primary Care Summit outside of DC. Direct Primary Care(DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model focused on providing affordable, comprehensive, and accessible primary care. We feel that both DPC and Elation were born out of a similar frustration with the status quo and desire for something better. Our goal at Elation has always been to facilitate exceptional care, so we are thrilled to support DPC physicians who seek a new standard of patient centered medicine.

At the conference, Kyna participated on an active panel about the future of technology in supporting primary care, especially in DPC, and why the human element should remain central in medicine. She was joined on the panel by Chris DeNoia from Amplify Health and Blaine Lindsey from Get Healthy.

At our booth, we were also able showcase our integration with our new partner, Hint Health and their CEO Zak Holdsworth. Hint Health is a new innovative membership management and billing service for direct primary care. This partnership is a perfect fit for DPC and will allow seamless information communication between Elation and Hint Health’s billing platform – a complete solution.

We’re always delighted by any chance to engage physicians in discussions about improving healthcare and their practices. Here are a few main takeaways from the conference and why Elation and DPC are a great match:

    • Ease of getting started. Whether you’re starting DPC from scratch or migrating your existing practice, you can be seeing patients on Elation in one business day.
    • Optimized for longitudinal care. Elation’s clinical-first interface is designed to meet the care standards demanded by physicians focused on longitudinal patient-centered care.
    • Efficient clinical features. Electronic lab interfaces, e-prescribing and built-in e-faxing will give you time back in your day. With ease, engage your patients through our patient portal, Elation Passport.
    • Seamless, turn-key technology. With Elation & Hint Health, DPC practices have everything needed to care for patients and manage membership billing.

Thank you to those who attended the summit, and we’re thrilled to support the physicians who have already joined us.

Still curious why DPC physicians love Elation? Reach out to the Practice Development team at or simply sign up for your own test account.