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Elation Physicians More Satisfied than Apple iPhone Users.

Elation Physicians More Satisfied than Apple iPhone Users.

Elation Physicians More Satisfied than Apple iPhone Users. August 28, 2014

Electronic medical records is an industry riddled with dissatisfaction. Physicians have aired their frustrations have aired their frustrations about usability and workflow, but the truth is they are unhappy with EMRs on all fronts. A study, conducted by Billian’s Healthdata, showed that 64% of physicians were “dissatisfied” with their EMR’s ease of use and a majority showed similar dissatisfaction in five other categories: value, overall product quality, implementation, functionality, and support/service. The fact that across the country physicians are using EMRs that they are unsatisfied with to care for patients everyday is a shame. Elation exists to change that.

“Please rate each of the following aspects of your acute care EMR
on a scale from 0 (Extremely Dissatisfied) to 10 (Extremely Satisfied).”

At Elation, we have built an EMR exclusively focused on serving the needs of front-line clinicians. To put ourselves to the test, we recently conducted a survey of our doctors to see how we are doing.


We asked a simple, but powerful question: “How likely are you to recommend [Elation] to a friend or colleague?”. This question is the basis of the Net Promoter Score, a standard test that the world’s leading companies use to measure customer loyalty and experience. The lowest possible score is -100, and a score of +20 is average while +50 is considered great. Elation received a score of +70. We benchmarked ourselves against the highest consumer standards and are pleased to report that we scored higher than even Apple, a widely recognized leader in customer experience, who achieved +67 and +66 on its iPhone and iPad respectively.

How does Elation achieve this? Our unique clinical first approach, coupled with an empathetic design philosophy and investment in user success, helps us offer a platform that not only has a different foundation from any other EMR but has also made our customers our greatest advocates. Our high NPS score is not the only reflection of that, as over 60% of our users have been referred to us by word of mouth.

At Elation, we continue to be inspired everyday to redefine the standard for EMRs by focusing on our users, so that they can focus on their patients. Create a free test account and check us out for yourself, or hear more from our doctors on why they love Elation.