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Conversations You Care About

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Conversations You Care About

Conversations You Care About November 19, 2014

Last August we wrote about our NPS score and how our user community gave us praise that even Apple doesn’t get from its users. We were honored.

Equally important was that our community took the survey. I mention this because we’re not a giant enterprise. We’re a small business just like the practices that make up our community.

Like them, our day begins before the sun rises and ends after it sets. Taking a survey, much less reading an email is a luxury. So when our users share feedback, we understand that it represents more than an accolade or an issue. It’s a moment in their day that they’re not taking care of their patients’ or staff’s needs.

Understanding where we’re on track and where we’ve meandered a bit is essential to delivering on our philosophy. We’re fortunate to have this relationship with our community. It’s allowed us to release tools that they need without getting in their way.

As a continuation of our support, we are launching complimentary services and resources like the hands-on Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2 webinar we hosted earlier this month on how to use our Meaningful Use Checklist. They were two, one hour, question and answer sessions with our MU experts. Attendees were able to ask questions about specific MU requirements and how to satisfy them as part of their everyday task flow with Elation.

Expect more events like that. Events that have practical, applicable value and not just high-level concepts that you can read on the back of any brochure.

We’re also working on easy-to-digest guides and articles about trends in the industry and how they will really impact a private practice. Certainly there will be more support articles about our product and features but we’re organizing them into a user-friendly resource center that allows for community interaction and conversation.

We’ll be announcing the release of these articles and events in our monthly newsletter, blog, our website, and other emails.

The goal is not to jam up an email inbox or to overwhelm. On the contrary, it’s how we continue to support the community we stand up for. They are the providers and staff who selflessly heal all of our communities.

We’re in your corner.

Conan and Kyna Fong
Elation Co-founders