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How a small practice turned a basic feature into a meaningful tool.

How a small practice turned a basic feature into a meaningful tool. How a small practice turned a basic feature into a meaningful tool. November 28, 2014

I’m a User Success Specialist at Elation. And while my role at Elation maybe unfamiliar to you, the the providers and staff I support have a profound impact on me.

For example, last September I received an email from a practice in Santa Barbara.

It read:

Good Morning, Anne,
This is WONDERFUL!!!
I can’t begin to thank you and the Elation team for the exceptional customer service. I truly appreciate that you consider our requests and suggestions and make the necessary changes.
Have a great Friday and terrific weekend.
Many Thanks,

A few hours later, I received another email from the same practice:

I agree with Jennifer. You guys are great!
Thank you,

To be clear, the initials were Dr. Dennis Baker, M.D., the owner of the practice. And actually, the email thread had started with an issue, not applause.

Dr. Baker’s practice wanted the ability to delete patient pharmacy preferences inside a patient chart. Some of their patients were upset that their prescriptions were being sent to pharmacies that were no longer preferred or not even the pharmacy locations that had been requested.

Despite our best intentions, the pharmacy preference feature we built had missed the mark. It was frustrating for Dr. Baker, his staff, and especially his patients.

The direct feedback from Dr. Baker and his team heightened our awareness and understanding of the exact details we overlooked that made the difference between a basic feature and a meaningful tool.

Reflecting back on that day made me realize that I get to indirectly change the world that I live in. Though Dr. Baker’s practice is in Santa Barbara, the feature he helped improve is available to all of the practices who use Elation. And that means, the practices in my backyard too.

So I’d like to thank Jennifer and Dr. Baker. I hope that their patients in Santa Barbara appreciate how dedicated they are to providing excellent care—we do.


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