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Elation’s provider network and the power of physician collaboration

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When independent primary care physicians are able to collaborate with other physicians providing care to their patients, everyone benefits. The primary care physician can coordinate a care plan without replicating tests or medical procedures, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Physician collaboration is powerful. Brennan Bosch and Holly Mansell, BSP, PharmD, write that collaboration “has been shown to improve patient outcomes such as reducing preventable adverse drug reactions, decreasing morbidity and mortality rates, and optimizing medication dosages.” When collaboration is done efficiently, the physician also benefits, as the stress and added work are reduced.

Of course, physician collaboration is not as easy as it may seem. Often, it is quite challenging. Physicians may rely on a patient’s memory or struggle with obtaining records from other providers. Endless phone calls and faxes waste time and may even endanger the quality of the patient’s healthcare.

Elation is focused on helping independent physicians achieve collaboration in a way that empowers them to provide the highest quality patient care in the most efficient and effective manner. Elation’s Provider Network (EPN) is a service built inside of Elation’s Clinical EHR that benefits the independent physician and the patient.

Elation’s Provider Network works by automatically identifying the providers who have cared for patients based on clinical interactions. After identifying relevant collaborators, the EPN verifies providers’ contact information to make it easy for physicians to connect with past and present collaborators.

Physician collaboration requires communication. The Elation Provider Network enables the independent physician to reliably communicate and share patient information in just three clicks — even with providers that don’t use Elation’s Clinical EHR.

Speed and accuracy are very important factors when a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan depends on test results or observations made by specialty providers. EPN gives the independent primary care physician and the patient the confidence that collaboration is just a few clicks away.