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Full patient demographic information available on demand!

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Full patient demographic information available on demand!

Full patient demographic information available on demand! June 4, 2015

Dear Elation Community,

We’re excited to announce another upgrade to the Patient List tool: we added more information to the patient list results spreadsheet that you can download, making it possible to run a full demographic export of your patient panel on your own at any time. So, if you need a list of all of your patients’ addresses to send a mass mailer, you can now quickly get this information without any assistance from us.

To run a demographic export of your entire patient panel, go to the Patient List, search for all of your patients, then click “Download Results as CSV.”

The .CSV that you download will include all of the information contained in the demographics window in Elation in separate columns for each patient, e.g. DOB, Gender, SSN, Address, Preferred Pharmacy, Insurance, etc.

Use Elation’s Page Map to get quick answers!

This week we’ve also improved the Page Maps for Practice Home and the Patient Chart, accessible from the “I need help” menu at the top of Elation.

Each section is linked to a help article that goes in depth on how to make the best use of that part of Elation for your practice.

We’re always trying to make life easier for providers and staff, so we hope you enjoy these new tools for your practice!

Thanks for your continued support. Stay tuned for more improvements.

The Elation Team