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How employer health clinics are impacting the US healthcare system

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How employer health clinics are impacting the US healthcare system

How employer health clinics are impacting the US healthcare system January 30, 2018

Healthcare costs are rising. Concerns about the quality of healthcare services are growing. According to multiple reports, the US spends more money on healthcare than any other industrialized country, but the quality of that care has been inconsistent. Initiatives have been put into place to provide incentives for value-based care, but those often result in increased administrative burdens for independent physicians.

One segment of healthcare, the employer health clinic, has actually been changing the US healthcare system for the better as it continues to become more popular among employers. Worksite clinics offer benefits to employees in terms of convenience, access, and lower costs. These clinics also benefit employers in terms of healthier employees, improved productivity, and lower costs.

Improved access

Healthcare clinics located on-site offer employees convenient access to basic services such as flu shots and immunizations. Many worksite clinics have expanded to offer additional primary care services as well as lifestyle management, stress management, and fitness programs. Employees who enjoy the logistical convenience of visiting their provider, often without having to take leave from their jobs, will typically become more engaged in their own healthcare management.

Improved health outcomes

Employer clinics contribute to a healthier population base of employees and their families. Using technology solutions such as electronic health records (EHRs), providers at worksite clinics can track trends and develop a population health management strategy that can be a critical element in enabling providers in employer health clinics to proactively treat employees and their families more effectively.

Lower costs for all

Employer health clinics help reduce the costs of healthcare services for employees. Healthier employees reduce the costs of absenteeism for the employer, particularly when employer health clinics offer expanded services such as smoking cessation or weight management programs.

Overall, employer health clinics impact the healthcare system by providing consistent quality of care and improving everyone’s bottom line.