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How smaller employers are taking advantage of on-site and near-site employer healthcare

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On-site healthcare clinics have traditionally been a workplace benefit provided by larger employers. These clinics are typically located on company property and the clinical staff may actually be employed by the business. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the National Business Group on Health found that almost 50 percent of large employers, with over 5,000 employees, offer those employees the healthcare benefits of an on-site or near-site clinic. That number is expected to rise to at least 67 percent by 2020.

Smaller employers can also take advantage of the on-site or near-site clinic for their employees. The costs of building a facility and contracting or employing clinical staff, along with the increased liability issues, may seem prohibitive to small employers, but there are some creative solutions available.

Healthcare companies such as The Working Clinic are offering smaller employers a turn-key solution that eliminates the extra costs of building and maintaining an on-site clinic. According to The Working Clinic’s own description, it provides “convenient access to board-certified physicians for clinical examinations and on-demand doctor visits, occupational medicine services, and an on-site health coach and general medical liaison” with no start-up costs or build-out expenses for the employer.

Near-site healthcare clinics are another viable option for smaller employers. The services of a near-site clinic are also available with no start-up or build-out costs for the employer. Near-site clinics are generally already established healthcare facilities that contract with the smaller employer to provide primary care services, immunizations, and treatment for injuries or illnesses. In fact, the employees may find near-site healthcare clinics are more convenient for their family members, as many have multiple sites.

Smaller employers have several options available to them to enable them to take advantage of on-site and near-site healthcare for their employees. Instead of investing large sums of money in their own facility, they can either contract with a healthcare company that provides on-site services or with a near-site clinic. Either option provides healthcare benefits for their employees and cost savings for the employers.