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Inside Elation: Kimmy Hu, Implementation Manager

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Inside Elation: Kimmy Hu, Implementation Manager

Inside Elation: Kimmy Hu, Implementation Manager December 4, 2015

Today we get to meet an Elation Implementation Manager: Kimmy Hu.

As soon as a practice signs with Elation, a dedicated Implementation Manager joins them for their first three months to get the providers and staff up and running using ElationEMR in their office. The Implementation Manager will focus on what makes each practice and provider unique to help maximize the positive change Elation has on their practice. Since joining the Elation team in January 2015, Kimmy has brought over 90 practices onto ElationEMR.

After majoring in Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, Kimmy knew she wanted a career in healthcare that focused on supporting clinicians. When she was approached to be a part of Elation, she knew it was the right move for her.

The role of Implementation Manager is a perfect fit for Kimmy. It pushes her to constantly be at her best and gives her the opportunity to work with new users from their contract signing all the way until they have ElationEMR fully integrated into their practice. “I like that each practice has different needs. Every provider likes to work in a unique way and I enjoy figuring out how they are going to best utilize Elation for their practice.”

Seeing a provider’s initial hesitations melt away as they experience the value Elation brings to their practice keeps Kimmy smiling and excited for the next challenge.

“I love any time I get to see a practice experience their workflow become easier and more efficient with Elation. There was one provider that really sticks out to me. He was single provider podiatrist, coming from paper charts, and only a few years away from retiring. He switched to Elation unsure of what to make of the whole process. After onboarding onto Elation, he saw instant improvements throughout his practice.”

“We practice our skills, feel good and comfortable about what we do. Then we have this fear of change. Well, I have been using ElationEMR for over a month now. On the meaningful use scales, I am hitting over 90% or better…Using ElationEMR has streamlined, improved and has made my practice more productive. Last week alone, was my best week ever in 32 years.”

– Paul Woodward, DPM, Phoenix, AZ

Kimmy is excited for Elation’s growth in 2016 and beyond. “We are getting ready for another busy year. We are going to bring on a few more Implementation Managers to keep up with the amount of new practices switching to Elation. We are also getting ready to launch our new training center to help practices during their onboarding. I’m so excited to watch us grow!”