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KPI Ninja Partners with Elation Health to Provide Real-Time Insights and Analytics to Direct Care Practices

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Elation Health and KPI Ninja are proud to announce a partnership to allow its users the ability to view accurate, actionable, and timely insights into their practice and their patients. By building a direct integration between the Elation Health EHR and KPI Ninja’s DPC 360 analytics platform, practices and physicians can see real-time data presented in simplistic and interactive dashboards.

In the freemium version, Elation Health EHR users can sign up to the DPC 360 analytics platform quickly and easily. Within the application exists key metrics and summarized information regarding patient visits (both virtual and physical), appointments, patient panels, medications, labs, diagnoses, procedures, and more, all of which can be drilled down, filtered, or adjusted based on user preferences.

Through these dashboards, KPI Ninja and Elation Health hope to give more power to physicians by leveraging their practice data to identify trends, keep employers informed, and make data-driven decisions to ensure the sustainability of their practice and ultimately provide the best care for their patients.

For more information on how to set up your freemium dashboard, contact

About KPI Ninja:

KPI Ninja is a leader in healthcare analytics and performance improvement, with a large focus in the Direct Care space. KPI Ninja prides itself on providing the best and most useful information through data to its customers and assisting them in using their tools to their utmost potential. Through a series of dashboards based around a fully functioning enterprise master patient index, KPI Ninja leverages data from numerous sources (EHR, claims, virtual, billing, etc.) to give physicians a complete picture of their practice and their patients.

About Elation Health:

Elation Health provides a cloud-based clinically focused EHR solution and is the premier EHR option among providers within the Direct Care market. Elation Health continues to build and update their products in ways that show their commitment to creating an easy clinical workflow and supporting the physician-patient relationship, all meant to ensure providers are able to deliver the best care possible.