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Marketing your direct primary care practice to employers

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The number of self-funded employers is growing. These employers take on the financial responsibility of providing healthcare to their employees, eliminating the middlemen of insurance companies, so they are typically looking for ways to save on costs. Just as a direct primary care (DPC) practice can save patients money, it can also be the answer for these self-funded employers. How do you market your DPC practice to employers?

Physicians Practice suggests a basic, three-step process that will help you engage potential employees with your DPC message:

Do the research. Who are the self-funded employers in your area? Databases are available that provide the business name and, generally, the contact person at that business. A good place to start the research is the Self-Funding Association.

Understand what employers need. Create a healthcare services plan that makes sense to them and their employees. Do they have younger employees with children who need frequent well checks? Are they looking for cost savings in primary care services specifically? Will they need additional services such as lab tests?

Emphasize the technology your practice uses, including electronic health records (EHRs), that enables you to provide more cost-efficient services while focusing on the quality of your patients’ care. In your plan, include the capabilities you offer your patients to communicate with you in a safe, secure environment as well as your abilities to coordinate care with specialty providers.

Contact employers and present what you have to offer as a DPC. Using the contact information you discovered in your research, reach out to employers with a letter stating the benefits you offer them and their employees as a DPC. Physicians Practice recommends keeping the initial contact simple: “A friendly, typed letter detailing your program, services or even just your desire to explore options should generate a call back.”

Elation Health has created a helpful Direct Care Playbook that can also help you market your DPC practice to potential new patients.