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Primary care physicians that use Elation

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We are pleased to showcase two primary care physicians who are Elation users and, more importantly, who use Elation tools to improve the quality of care they are able to provide their patients. Dr. Lance Kurata is a well-respected internist from Honolulu, HI, and Dr. Dennis Fong, runs an independent Family Medicine practice in Walnut Creek, CA.

In Hawaii, Dr. Kurata says, there is a massive landscape shift occurring. “Providers are consolidating into a select few ACOs and there’s a tremendous pressure to demonstrate our care in this environment.” Dr. Kurata has been a physician for over 15 years and has certainly seen his share of changes in healthcare. While today’s shift to value-based care is a positive change for the quality of care patients receive, it also adds to the administrative burden of the primary care physician.

Dr. Kurata credits Elation’s Collaborative Health Record (CHR) as a tool that enables him to coordinate with multiple providers, helping him “understand what’s going on with my patients outside the four walls of my practice.” With CHR, Dr. Kurata is able to coordinate in real time with all of a patient’s providers, rather than waiting for medical records to be faxed.

Dr. Fong proudly shares that his patients are admitted to the “hospital 25% less than the average” in his area. He is focused on providing quality care efficiently and cost-effectively. Dr. Fong has been using Elation’s EHR tool for over six years and believes that a single feature Elation released in 2011 had a tremendous impact on his care quality.

The Dynamic Problem List, or “wonder button” according to Dr. Fong, lets providers import problems and associated labs from a patient’s record into their current visit note with just one click. The smart-mapping algorithm then immediately organizes the relevant results with their correlated problem to help drive a more comprehensive clinical insight and holistic patient overview.

Elation’s philosophy is focused on building a technology platform that helps independent primary care physicians provide the highest quality of care to their patients. Dr. Kurata and Dr. Fong are excellent examples of the impact Elation has on strengthening the relationship between patients and enabling phenomenal care for everyone.

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