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Sharing Some Physician Appreciation on National Doctors’ Day

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Sharing Some Physician Appreciation on National Doctors’ Day

Sharing Some Physician Appreciation on National Doctors’ Day March 30, 2017

At Elation, we are dedicated to defending the physician-patient relationship and helping physicians deliver phenomenal care.  Our team is focused on building clinical tools that make physicians’ lives easier, and we appreciate both the challenges and rewards that physicians face in each of their busy days.

That’s why it means so much to us when Elation physicians write to us about their experience and share what we are doing to make their daily workflows easier and their patient care more effective.  In honor of National Doctors’ Day we’d like to share some of our favorite quotes.  Here’s a big thank you to every physician who is on the Elation platform!  We appreciate it and look forward to continuing to work hard for you and your patients.

“For the first time ever, I have found an application and development community which has clearly had the physician’s mindset in mind when creating and enhancing its electronic medical record. Its intuitive interface and robust features set a new standard for electronic medical records.”

Jack Forbush, DO
Family Medicine
Hampden, ME

“I am able to share information with other physicians caring for my patients in a fraction of the time it used to take and without reams of faxed, copied paper charts, taken apart, put back together. It is truly liberating, ecological and better patient care, most of all!”

Barbara Peters, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Palo Alto, CA

“Your sales and implementation teams took the time to actually care about taking care of my needs. With Elation, my practice is more efficient, with productivity increasing everyday.”

Paul Woodward, DPM
Phoenix, AZ

“They’ve combined a real empathy with doctors with modern web technology and UI/UX savvy, successfully walking a path littered with EHR versions of the dead, dying and undead. Almost immediately after going live, me and my staff’s productivity increased markedly, and we continue to be able to handle our very complex medical practice with fewer staff and more good vibes than before. What can I say, except “I’m Elated.”

Paul Abramson, MD
Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine
San Francisco, CA

“The goal of Direct Primary Care is to spend more time with the patient rather than documenting that visit. At the same time, good record keeping is paramount to good patient care and communication is integral to coordination and maintenance of that care. Elation does a very good job facilitating that goal.”

Ken Rictor, MD
Family Medicine
Scotland, PA

“You guys are amazing. I give you much credit for thinking and planning out what a physician needs to meet all the onerous criteria! I don’t think any other product out there makes it easier for us than you do. This process (Meaningful Use) is not easy – but you guys made it much more manageable!”

Peter Teng, MD, FACC
San Francisco, CA

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