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Software Finder on the Three Benefits of Elation For DPC Physicians


Ryan Tyler from Software Finder recently wrote on three benefits that Elation’s EHR platform has for DPC physicians in a Medium post. To start, Tyler touted Elation’s clinical-first philosophy which means that Elation’s innovative electronic medical record system is designed with primary care physicians in mind.

He then talks about Elation’s ease of use, which allows DPC doctors to save time that they could be spending with their patients. As part of Elation’s ease of use, Tyler also shared a bit about the EHR’s comprehensive feature set which combines clinical, billing, and practice management applications into one unified solution.

The next reason why Tyler recommends Elation is because of our platform’s compatibility with other systems and robust APIs — making Elation a more interoperable solution. This can help DPC clinicians exchange information easily with other clinicians and provide higher quality of care. Crucially, clinicians are able to do this seamlessly so that they can get a complete medical picture without hassle.

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