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The next generation of on-site, near-site employer health tools

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The next generation of on-site, near-site employer health tools

The next generation of on-site, near-site employer health tools June 12, 2018

Employers who offer on-site and near-site healthcare clinics for their employees are typically in search of innovative solutions to workplace challenges such as absenteeism and low productivity. They may also be looking for a way to improve morale, to recruit quality talent, and to retain valuable employees. On-site and near-site employer healthcare clinics help to solve many of these challenges. The more progressive employers also take advantage of the next generation of health tools available to them and their worksite vendors.

Dr. Jonathan Spero, CEO of InHouse Physicians, suggests that the next generation of on-site and near-site employer health tools include:

  • Predictive modeling and population health management
  • Price and quality transparency services
  • Patient advocacy services
  • Proprietary narrow networks of high performance providers
  • Negotiated, bundled case rates for high cost drivers
  • Contracts with centers of excellence
  • Telemedicine

Teams specialized in delivering each of these tools will add to the value offered by the on-site and near-site clinics for the employer, significantly increasing their return on investment (ROI). Dr. Spero writes that “Gone will be the days when the singular focus was on the care delivered in the clinic. An equally keen focus will have to be on steering specialty care to value based providers and coordinating care in a medical home model.”

Reinforcing the need for the next generation of employer health tools is a recent study of 255 employers, conducted by the National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC), with support from PwC US. The study found that:

  • Employers offering clinics are also seeing enhanced integration of health management services and higher employee engagement in health management programs.
  • Telemedicine is an emerging trend for many using onsite clinics, especially in the areas of acute care, wellness and behavioral health.
  • Acute care, emergency or first aid, preventive and wellness are among the top services offered at employer clinics.