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Using Elation’s updated CQM dashboard to monitor new PBIP performance thresholds

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Using Elation’s updated CQM dashboard to monitor new PBIP performance thresholds

Using Elation’s updated CQM dashboard to monitor new PBIP performance thresholds October 2, 2017

With the first CPC+ performance period now well underway, Elation is excited to bring our users weekly updates to help you save time, get the most out of using Elation for CPC+, provide better care for your patients and ultimately succeed in this program. Learn more about Elation and CPC+ here.

Clinical quality measures (CQMs) are at the heart of meeting CPC+ requirements and staying on track with the program. But while CPC+ physicians might be familiar with CQMs themselves, how can physicians keep track of their progress toward fulfilling these measures? Having a CQM dashboard can help!

What is a CQM dashboard?

A CQM dashboard is a built feature that gives users a real time snapshot into current performance. CPC+ participants can utilize this dashboard to stay on top of the program.

In response to CPC+ lowering benchmarks for CQM requirements, Elation has updated our CQM dashboard to reflect the new 30% and 70% benchmarks.

How can you use Elation’s Updated CQM dashboard?

Within the reports section in Elation, users can select the CPC+ button to access the CPC+ CQM dashboard. This dashboard displays relevant CQMs and how a practice is performing against 30% and 70% benchmarks. Each CQM corresponds to a help center article that is accessible by just clicking on the CQM name.

The dashboard highlights completion once you hit a benchmark by displaying the CQM in orange (for the 30% benchmarks) or green (for the 70% benchmarks).

Elation’s dashboard also gives users a more detailed overview of patients that either meets criteria or does not meet criteria within the patient list by displaying details such as the patient’s last visit. From here you can click the patient’s name to document completion of a screening,  schedule the patient for a follow up visit, or take any other necessary actions.

How can you leverage a CQM dashboard for CPC+?

CPC+ requires its participants to meet 9 measures within the 30% benchmark and 6 measures within the 70% benchmark. By using Elation’s CQM dashboard, users can have greater visibility and check their CPC+ progress quickly and easily and zero in on areas to focus on when it comes to patient care.

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