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Why collaborative health records enable care coordination

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Electronic health records (EHRs) have evolved! Collaborative health records (CHRs) digitally link a patient’s entire care network, improving care coordination and the quality of care everyone on the team is able to provide. Working across systems, CHRS are designed to enable each provider caring for a patient the access to information needed to care for that patient properly.

No more need for shuffling or requesting paperwork. If your patient has seen a specialty provider, that provider can share the patient information digitally using the Collaborative View tool, giving you automatic access to a comprehensive patient view. Care coordination between providers is seamless, efficient, and in real-time.

Why the need for CHRs?

In a study published by the AMIA Annual Symposium, the authors stated that “experts have agreed that more collaborative, team-based care will be required to meet the increasing burden of chronic disease.” In another study published in the Annals of Family Medicine, the researchers found that patients with chronic conditions were the most likely to experience poor primary care coordination.

Patients with chronic conditions, in particular, generally see more than one provider. Those multiple providers need to be able to collaborate, to share diagnoses, medication recommendations, lab results, and care plans, to better and more effectively treat their patients. Through the use of CHRs, these providers can coordinate information that can be easily shared and used at the point of care. Updates are communicated automatically, so providers and their staff do not have to fax or call and then wait for paper updates.

Collaboration through the use of advantaged technology significantly improves the quality of care coordination by helping to ensure the accuracy of the information being shared as well as speeding up the process by which it is shared. Taking advantage of collaborative health record technology can help you with your main focus – providing the highest quality care to your patients.

Check out the features of CHRs and learn how to coordinate care with the Collaborative Health Record!