Coordinate Care with the Collaborative Health Record

Get complete visibility into your patient’s health without leaving the exam room.

See the full longitudinal picture

  • Get on-demand access to patient information from any provider in your network. Save time spent faxing referrals, requesting records, or chasing down lab results — if one provider has the data, so will you.
  • Automatically share updates directly from your Clinical EHR. Other providers get immediately notified so they can take action based on the most up-to-date clinical information.

Elation makes it easy for me to understand what’s going on with my patients outside the four walls of my practice. I’m truly empowered to make more educated care decisions.

Lance Kurata, MD
Internal Medicine
Honolulu, HI

Automatically collaborate with other providers

  • Compare data with your colleagues with the click of a button. You decide what’s relevant to you, so your chart is always tailored to your specific clinical needs.
  • Quickly find what you’re looking for with an intuitive search bar. It’s easy to make sure your problem list, medications, lab results, and notes are always kept current

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Close Care Gaps

  • Decrease duplicative testing and avoid medication errors with uninterrupted communication. Timely sharing of patient information helps ensure care is as efficient and as effective as possible.
  • Get visibility into your patient’s complete care record for more accurate reporting on clinical quality measures and compliance for value-based reimbursement.
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