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How the Elation Provider Network improves care coordination

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How the Elation Provider Network improves care coordination

How the Elation Provider Network improves care coordination October 28, 2016

The promise of providing high-quality, patient-focused, and coordinated care is at the heart of an independent practice. With the average physician sharing patients with 229 other physicians working in 117 different practices, it’s no wonder care coordination is of particular importance for small and solo practitioners.

That’s why nearly three years ago, we introduced the Elation Provider Network (EPN) as a smarter and more effortless way for providers to connect and share patient information with one another to better care for their patients. As a tangible manifestation of our commitment to strengthening the patient-physician relationship through our Clinical First philosophy, EPN has radically eased the pain of care coordination for thousands of independent physicians.

What is Elation’s Provider Network?

The Elation Provider Network facilitates the secure sharing of pertinent clinical data with patients and physician colleagues through a directory of providers and their staff who use Elation or collaborate with Elation users. EPN grew out of the growing need to extend care beyond the four walls of a physician’s practice.

EPN works by automatically identifying the providers who have cared for your patients based on clinical interactions. After identifying relevant collaborators, EPN verifies providers’ contact information to make it easy for physicians to connect with past and present collaborators. Finally, EPN simply enables a physician to reliably communicate and share patient information in just 3 clicks — even with providers that don’t use Elation’s EHR.

Since EPN has been launched, providers no longer need to rely on memory or patient recollection to trigger referrals or even verify contact information by spending time Googling or sifting through paper records. EPN saves time while also ensuring clinical decisions can be made with confidence.

The verification process

Providing valid information in the EPN directory is essential to supporting clinical collaboration. Elation maintains the EPN directory and ensures its accuracy for the greater EPN community through a verification process which allows us to validate contact information and indicate the available methods for sending providers communications from Elation Health.

Our verification efforts also help to resolve discrepancies and maintain accurate practice information through regular updates so that providers can continue delivering the best care for their patients.

How to use EPN

Built to save you time, EPN allows users to find a provider and send a letter in one click. Simply search for a provider and start your referral or letter, all within Elation. Attach anything from the patient chart and send your secure fax or email to any collaborator — even the ones that aren’t on Elation’s platform.

What it means to be a part of EPN

Joining Elation’s community means that you are a part of a connective hub for collaborative patient care. From our patient longitudinal record and direct messaging interface to the Elation Provider Network, our platform aims to elevate the importance of care coordination. Patients and physicians both know, it’s important to not only know who’s caring for patients but use that knowledge to better coordinate collaborative patient-centered care.

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