Direct Messaging

Learn more about how to securely message patient information 

What is a direct messaging?

Direct secure messaging (DIRECT) is a standardized tool utilized by doctors to exchange clinical messages and patient data. DIRECT operates similarly to emails in that messages are sent to and from certain recipients. Most importantly, DIRECT is a tool that allows for the secure exchange of health information between healthcare entities (e.g., independent physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, etc.) in a secure network.

Why direct messaging is important.

DIRECT is a simple method of communication for practices to transfer patient health information while maintaining a high level of privacy and security. These messages are encrypted and meet the protection standards in accordance to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which was passed in 1996 in order to help secure patient information. And since DIRECT messages are sent encrypted via the internet, security issues surrounding paper trails of patient information (such as faxes) are no longer a concern.

In addition to security, DIRECT can also improve patient access and flow both within and between hospital networks and practices. These gaps in patient care are solved due to the ease of DIRECT. Transferring patient information is as simple as a click of a button rather than a compilation of papers and faxes. This ease of passing information ensures the complete exchange of patient health information and encourages smooth coordination between visits for both patients and physicians.

Because of security, accessibility, and reliability reasons, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) are urging more physicians and specialists to utilize this form of communication. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, DIRECT has additional advantages:

  • DIRECT can help practices cut down on costs. This includes eliminating the need for faxing and mailing patient health information.
  • Practices can enhance their productivity with DIRECT. Staff no longer have to take out extra time from their day to make copies or coordinate calls to ask questions to patients and providers.

Because of concerns around security and costs in healthcare, it is essential for more healthcare entities to begin incorporating DIRECT as a standard method of communicating information. As the number of users increase, so does the internal network and the consequential benefits.

Elation and direct messaging

Elation is working on rolling out its own DIRECT feature in the next few months. We are committed to designing a messaging interface that’s accessible and intuitive because we are focused on creating an easy and unparalleled experience for physicians who are both new and experienced in DIRECT messaging. Unlike other interfaces, there is no extra training involved and Elation’s support team is always ready to answer any of your questions along the way–allowing you to focus on delivering excellent patient care.